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Interesting, Strange & Weird New Hampshire Facts



More New Hampshire Facts...

  • The NH State Nickname is "The Granite State."The nickname came from the fact that most of the mountains are made of granite.

  • Manchester is the largest city in New Hampshire

  • The Highest point in NH is Mt. Washington (6,288 feet)

  • The 2nd highest wind speed ever recorded on Earth was on top of Mount Washington - 231 MPH, set back April 12, 1934. NH's record was officially broken on January 25, 2010 when the World Meteorological Organization verified the highest recorded wind speed on Earth was actually 253 MPH and had occurred some 14 years before it was officially recognized on Barrow Island Australia in 1996. 


  • NH's Major Industries are: Textiles, Tourism, Electronics and Computer Software

  • NH was the 9th state in the United States to become a state on 06/21/1788.

  • President Franklin Pierce hails from NH.  He was born in Hillsboro on 11/23/1804.  Pierce was the 14th president serving from 1853-1857.

  • NH has many wildlife including black bear, raccoon, skunks, woodchucks, muskrats, wild turkey, otters, coyotes, moose, white tailed deer, red and grey fox, bobcats, lynx, fisher cats, minks and weasels. View wildlife photos

  •  New Castle is the smallest town in NH covering only .8 square miles.



NH Firsts:

  • Tupperware was invented in 1938 by Earl Tupper in Berlin NH.

  • The first women’s magazine editor in the nation was Sara Hale from Newport NH.

  • The first credit union in the nation was established in 1908 by Monsignor Pierre Harvy who was the pastor at St Mary’s Church.

  • The first in the nation primary was in 1920 at the Balsams Hotel in Dixville Notch NH.

  • The first state lottery in the country was done in 1964 by Governor John King who purchased the 1st ticket at Rockingham Park in Salem.

  • The largest American flag in the nation was made at t he Amoskeag Mills in Manchester NH in 1914 and is 90 feet long and 50 feet high.

  • The largest dwelling in a Shaker community happened in 1937. The Enfield Shakers built the Great Stone Dwelling which is 62 feet high.

  • The first American in space hails from Derry NH. Alan Shepard was born in 1923.

  • The oldest summer resort in America was built in 1768. Governor John Wentworth built the estate in Wolfeboro NH.

  • The largest private wild game preserve in North America was established in 1888 by Austin Corbin II from Newport. The preserve in 25,000 acres near Croydon Mountain.

  • The largest ice house in the world was built in 1890. The Fresh Fish Pond Ice Company from Brookline NH used 60,000 tons of ice.

  • The first snowmobile in the nation was invented by George Morton of Bartlett NH. Some claim the first snowmobile was invented by Virgil White in Ossipee NH who invented and sold a kit for the Model T Ford. The front tires were replaced with skiis, the rear tires replaced with tracks.

  • The oldest covered bridge in the nation was built in 1829 and is the Haverhill-Bath Covered Bridge.

  • The longest covered bridge is 460 feet long. The Cornish-Windsor Bridge connects Cornish, NH with Windsor, VT.

  • The very first potato was planted in Londonderry NH in 1719

  • The first free public library was built in Peterborough New Hampshire in 1833.

  • NH had the first women’s strike in 1828 when 400 female workers walked out of the Dover Cotton factory.

  • The first alarm clock was invented by Levi Hutchins in Londonderry in 1787.

  • The first aerial passenger tram was built in Franconia Notch in 1938.

NH State Quarter:
The New Hampshire State Quarter features The Old Man of The Mountain

Famous NH People & Actors from New Hampshire

  • Adam Sandler Attended High School in Manchester, NH
  • Alan Shepard "America's First Spaceman" Was Born in East Derry, NH.
  • Dan Brown who is the author of The Da Vinci Code.

  • Robert Frost who is a Pulitzer Prize poet.

  • Horace Greely is the founder of the New York Tribune.

  • Triple H is a professional wrestler from Nashua and graduated from Nashua High School.

  • Sarah Silverman is a comedienne from Manchester NH, born on December 1, 1970

  • J.D. Salinger is the author of Catcher in the Rye NH.

  • Mary Baker Eddy is the founder of Christian Science.

  • The author of Mary Had A Little Lamb, Sarah Joseph Hale, was born in 1830 in Newport NH.

  • Goody Cole was the only Witch ever convicted in NH

  • Recycled Percussion

See More Famous People From New Hampshire!


Also see: NH Legends


Movies Filmed in New Hampshire

  • "On Golden Pond," was Filmed on Squam Lake in Holderness, NH.
  • "Jumanji" Which was Filmed in Keene and Swanzey, NH.
  • "The Cider House Rules" Which was Filmed in Hampton Falls, NH.
  • "The Good Son" Which was Filmed in North Conway and Conway Lake, NH.



Other Famous Connections

George Carlin: When actor/comedian George Carlin died from heart failure in June 2008, one of his last wishes included spreading a portion of his ashes in Spofford Lake in NH. Carlin spent many summers at Spofford Lake at Camp Notre Dame when he was a young boy. Every year winning the Camp Notre Dame drama award which was said that sparked his career in comedy and acting. One of his prize possessions was a necklace that won at the camp. He was even wearing it when he died. George Carlin was well known as the first host of Saturday Night Live.


Also see: List of Famous People From New Hampshire!



NH World Records

The town of Pittsfield NH claimed the Guinness World Record in July, 2001 as the place where the most number of people wore Groucho Marx glasses at the same time. 525 town residents got together for this world-record breaking event with great success. Before Pittsfield's attempt, no other town had tried to set the record. Since the record breaking event in July 2001, the record has been broken many times over. The record now stands at 4,077 for an event organized by the Leukemia and Lymphoma society of Springfield, Missouri, United States, on 9 July 2007.


Other Guinness World Records:

  • 2009- The world’s largest cupcake was built by Ryan Abood from Gourmet Gift Baskets in Manchester. The cupcake was 1,224 pounds, used 800 eggs and took 12 hours to bake.

  • 2000- The world’s largest candy counter is Chutters in Littleton.  It is 111 feet long, 3 tiers and 800 jars of delicious sweets.

  • 2009- The most people dressed as superheroes happened when 1,016 people showed up in costumes at Dartmouth Children’s hospital.

  • World's Largest Meatball! Mathew Mitnitsky, chef and owners of Nonni’s Italian Eatery in Concord, NH is credited for the 222 Lbs, 8 Oz. meatball. The meatball was donated to a non-profit group "The Friendly Kitchen.

  • The largest arcade in the world is Funspot, located near Lake Winnipesaukee. Funspot's GPS location

  • The smallest horse was born in Barnstead NH on April 23, 2010. "Einstein" weighed in at only 6 lbs and measuring 14" tall. (Guinness World Record Pending: Einstein must stay below 17" to hold the world record)


NH Earthquakes:

There have been over 200 earthquakes felt in New Hampshire in the 20th century.


The strongest measured NH earthquakes to strike NH came only 4 days apart on December 20th and December 24, 1940, each with a magnitude of over 5.5, The epicenter was near Tamworth, NH. and felt over an area of 400,000 square miles!


More recently, on October 16, 2012 at 7:12pm a moderate earthquake was felt in much of NH. The earthquake's epicenter was located near Hollis, Maine. A magnitude of 4.0 was recorded by the US Geological Survey. Only minor damage was reported which mostly included cracks in building foundations, masonry, plaster and tile.



NH Tornadoes:

Approximately 2 tornadoes are reported in New Hampshire each year. Most of these tornadoes have an intensity of F1 or F2 and cause localized damage.


The largest reported tornado to strike New Hampshire occurred in September 1821. This tornado, estimated at F4, had a path half a mile wide, killed 6 people and injured hundreds. The tornado also left thousands of people homeless in NH.


The southwestern portion of New Hampshire is considered a special wind hazard area as demonstrated by the high proportion of tornadoes and severe wind events that are experienced there every year. On July 3, 1997 several tornadoes struck this section of New Hampshire. An F1 tornado caused severe damage to trees in Swanzey NH, destroying a building and damaged the stables at the Cheshire Fairgrounds. At the same time an F2 tornado struck Greenfield New Hampshire, causing damage to a summer camp, the recycling center and completely destroying a lumber facility. Fortunately, no deaths resulted from these events.


2008 NH Tornado

An EF2 tornado in Deerfield, NH tore through the area of Northwood Lake on July 24, 2008 which unfortunately killed a 57 year old woman there in one of the 7 building collapses that occurred. The Tornado also went through Epsom, NH. It then went through Northwood NH, Pittsfield, NH, Barnstead, NH, Alton, NH, New Durham, NH, Wolfeboro NH, Freedom NH, Effingham NH and Ossipee NH. Over 200 homes were damaged and over a dozen people injured altogether. The tornado carved a path of destruction 50 miles long. The national average is only 5 miles long. The tornado was 1/3 mile wide in some areas and traveled at 45 mph, also above the national average of 35 mph. These above average factors will be studied by experts for many years as a result.


Watch Video of 2008 Tornado Damage | View 2008 Tornado Photos


2010 Gorham NH Tornado

And EF0 tornado touched down in Gorham, NH on June 6, 2010 with a maximum wind speed of 70 mph. The tornado was on the ground for only 1/10 of a mile. The same storm also produced tornados in Vermont and Maine. Unlike the 2008 tornado, no injuries or deaths occurred as a result of the tornado. Many people were able to catch the tornado on video and pictures. Many of the people who caught the Gorham NH tornado on video caught it with their cell phones.


2011 Tornado Canaan NH

On Sunday August 21, 2011 an EF1 tornado touched down in Canaan NH. Most of the damage was trees. There was a few structures and a sailboat that also suffered damage from the tornado.



Relocating an Entire Town: Hill Village NH:

In 1941 the entire town of Hill Village, New Hampshire was relocated from where it was originally built! An amazing accomplishment from the people of Hill Village! The Story and Photos of Hill Village, NH


View Live NH Webcams!





























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